DayZ experienced clan are now recruiting!


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Jan 3, 2013

We are now recruiting new members!



Age: 18+
Mature & Respectful towards others
Solid Team-player
Basic knowledge of online FPS games


We have a vision and the idea is simple; To create a community with high moral values, maturity in our actions and respect for all members where everyone has a vote and an opinion. The community is not run by one person; it is run by everyone who's a part of the community.

We are going to achieve this by using past experiences to maintain a high standard from the start. We have all have had our fair share of forums and communities filled with flaws. Only together can we learn from them and work on the quality of this community.
Our current main game focus is DayZ/ACE but we do filter out into other genres to suit the mood our members are in.

We currently play on a custom version of DayZ known as DayZero, it contains such things as custom vehicles, skins and weapons. The server requires you to sign up on to get whitelisted.

We look forward to seeing you apply in our Forums, on our TeamSpeak and playing In-Game
together with us.

Contact Information: (temporary homepage, more to come.)
TeamSpeak IP -

/ GamersZone
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