connection problems


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Mar 7, 2010
hello everyone.
after google search i found that threat
after i register and enter to this section there isn't this threat so i started a new one.
when i enter, my ping is fine but when the map changes I am stuck looking at the scores for along time. sometimes after reconnect i am entering at the next map but not always. i try to close the game but nothing.i stuck again at "connecting to server".
i change developer "0" to developer "2" and log file "1" and thats the result from qconsole
Code: resolved to
Cvar_Set2: cl_currentServerAddress
CL packet getKey
CL packet challengeResponse
challenge: 1110934741
CL packet connectResponse
CL packet challengeResponse
Unwanted challenge response received.  Ignored.
here stucks.
any help?
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