COD4 and PBbans


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Aug 5, 2007
reistalled the old cod games
COD2 and up

cod2 is unplayable do to cheats , just cant find a honest game
cod:waw... all the tdm servers are crouch only
cod4 ... wow now you can find a TDM game there and if your on a server streaming to PBbans sit back and watch the show ...
its banning the cheaters left and right

seen about 20 bans in 3 hrs.
thank you PBbans

side note : if your bored .. reinstall the old cod games and crank up the graphics ...
you might be suprised how much better they look than some of the new games
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May 9, 2006
St.Austell Cornwall, UK
I did that some time back with MoH: Pacific Assault. It was worth doing just to play the pearl harbour section of the single player.

The best thing you can do with CoD:4 is install the Star Wars mod, Galactic Warfare. It's amazing.


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Aug 5, 2007
i forgot all about that ... ill have to give that ago for sure

if cod8 sinks i think ill be ok for a bit with cod4 .. i had a blast today
i wish i could find a honest game in cod2 though
gonna have to look at pbbans server list

its shocking how good the older games really are

wouldnt it be nice if they made a "best of call of duty" game
and put ALL the old maps in it .. with servers and PBbans
id be happy to pay for that
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