Changeing game types in between maps


Mar 14, 2004
I was wondering if someone knew how to change gametypes automaticly between maps in the map rotation list. I can do this in call of duty by just putting "gametype XXX" in front of the map, but this will not work for Breakthrough. I want to have the OBJ maps run as OBJ, the TOW maps run as TOW, etc...when they come up in my map rotation. Is there any way to do this in Breakthrough?


Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
The stock maplist command does not allow anything but a list of maps. to do what you want, you need to use either some thrid party admin tool or else the built in vstr capability. If you search the forum on vstr and map rotation you will see a lot of good info on it. Here is one search specific for the Breakthrough forum. You can do everything from change gametype to changing realism, weapon availability, dmflags, and any other cvar type setting for each map. If you hit something specific that does not work for you, let us know (and post how you are doing the vstr rotation so we can help spot typos or syntax errors).


Mar 14, 2004
changeing game types in between maps

I have never used vstr command before but I got everything to work fine. Thanks for the information and support. My rotation looks like this:

sv_maplist ""
set map01 "g_gametype 4;map obj/obj_team3;set nextmap vstr map02"
set map02 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_bahnhof_dm;set nextmap vstr map03"
set map03 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_bazaar_dm;set nextmap vstr map04"
set map04 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_brest_dm;set nextmap vstr map05"
set map05 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_gewitter_dm;set nextmap vstr map06"
set map06 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_holland_dm;set nextmap vstr map07"
set map07 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_malta_dm;set nextmap vstr map08"
set map08 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_stadt_dm;set nextmap vstr map 09"
set map09 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_unterseite_dm;set nextmap map10"
set map10 "g_gametype 2;map DM/mp_verschneit_dm;set nextmap map11"
set map11 "g_gametype 6;map lib/mp_anzio_lib;set nextmap map12"
set map12 "g_gametype 6;map lib/mp_bizerteharbor_lib;set nextmap map13"
set map13 "g_gametype 6;map lib/mp_tunisia_lib;set nextmap map14"
set map14 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_ardennes_tow;set nextmap map15"
set map15 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_berlin_tow;set nextmap map16"
set map16 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_bologna_obj;set nextmap map17"
set map17 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_castello_obj;set nextmap map18"
set map18 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_druckkammern_tow;set nextmap map19"
set map19 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_flughafen_tow;set nextmap map20"
set map20 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_kasserine_tow;set nextmap map21"
set map21 "g_gaemtype 4;map obj/MP_MonteBattaglia_TOW;set nextmap map22"
set map22 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_montecassino_tow;set nextmap map23"
set map23 "g_gaemtype 4;map obj/mp_palermo_obj;set nextmap map24
set map24 "g_gametype 6;map lib/mp_ship_lib;set nextmap map25"
set map25 "g_gametype 4;map obj/mp_bizertefort_obj;set nextmap map01"
vstr "map01"

I may fool around with the gametypes some more but now I know I can do it! My server's IP is: if you want to check it out. Sorry about the lagg if you do decide to connect, my ISP limits my upload to 50kb/sec transfer (412kb/sec bandwidth). Thanks again for the help!
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