BC2:Vietnam inital thoughts?


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Oct 28, 2010
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Just some quick thoughts (like the game so far...) & curious what others think initially playing it...


  • Love the maps & size of them
  • Like the weapons (especially the M16) but just going through the list so far...
  • Terrain seems to work well for assaulting positions & help protect from Snipers camping and picking off people
  • Like the vehicles & jeeps work well for assaulting a position
  • Helis seem to work well - but not overpowering.
  • Good teamwork play (so far on the servers I've been on)


  • Lagging quite a bit & may be the EA Servers?
  • Hit Reg again - as Kalms stated, shouldn't be different & it isn't (at least for me...lol)
  • Takes at least 30 sec for my stats to update after leaving (EA Lag?)

OT Question here - not knowing GSP/Server/EA Master operations like you folks in here (and thus why I'm asking...) - could a lot of the performance issues (lag/hit regs) possibly be caused by overloaded/laggy EA Master servers?

I remember reading a PowerPoint on DICE's website about the client/player reporting that goes on in BF Heroes (if I understood it correctly...) and guess I just wonder if there's any of that in BFBC2 and/or if there's a lot of traffic going on between our client(s)/Server(s) & the EA Master servers that could be causing the lag/hit reg issues?

Thx ahead for any feedback...


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Oct 31, 2004
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I'm not a huge fan of BC, but this expansion is pretty good. Love the theme and maps are great. I get myself caught up looking around and get my head shot off.

I'm weening myself off the cod stuff and really trying more of BC.


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Sep 8, 2011
It seems like bad company 3 was released... I have not tried it yet? Do you know there is any advantage of BC 3 than BC 2? :D
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