Battlefiled V Official Launch Maps



Ok, I paid for Origin Premier while in game last night - I had previously tried from inside of Origin, from a browser and all failed - unavailable.
It ran me through the steps of payment through Paypal, until I got the circling icon in Origin after payment. I shut down Origin, restarted it and clicked on BF V in game library, which showed me a page telling me to UPGRADE my game to Premier. I have the Deluxe version.

It did a quick file check and told me that I was ready to play BF V through Premier. It worked, the one map I played - it was late - was astonishing for its graphics, map layout, yadda yadda - nothing like that 2d cardboard Narvik map from the Closed and OpenBeta, nor the Rotterdam from the Open Beta.

cost - $14.99 plus tax, good for one month, obviously you cancel it before its due date, but now you have 6 days of playing BF V prior to early play date of Nov 15.

BF V has no color desaturation like in BF 1, which gave it a great dated feel, since its about a 100 year old war. Bright clear crisp and from what little I saw last night, this could be the WW2 that we have wanted since before all of this FPS gaming started and since AA/Spearhead/BT and Cod/UO/2 became irrelevant and tired.
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