Battlefiled V closed Alpha test

Looks like EA/Dice will be sending out invites to a closed Alpha taking place tomorrow the 28th.

There is a Battlefield™ V Closed Alpha just around the corner. In this post, you’ll learn the purpose of the Closed Alpha, what it will contain, when it will start, and who will be able to join. There are many questions to cover, so let’s jump right in.​

Looks like they are stress testing the servers (not sure how you do that with a closed/limited test...

Why Are You Doing a Closed Alpha?
Following EA PLAY, the Closed Alpha will give selected players a hands-on experience of Battlefield V and, together with several other tests, it will be a way for us to stress-test servers and improve several aspects of the game, thanks to the participation and feedback from those taking part. As Closed Alpha participants get their hands on this early build, we will work to ensuring stability, balance, and more for Battlefield V as we work our way towards the October launch.​
More info about this closed beta on the official site -


From what I have heard its Youtubers and Twitch streamer. Get the buzz out and show off the game.
nope, its randomly chosen players like myself and 2 other clan mates. Not bad 3 out of 5 regular players in our group.
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