Battlefield 5 Delayed



While they are stating gameplay, I wonder if the raytracing feature is giving them issues?
Others are saying it could be they don't want to compete with CoD or any of the other highly anticipated games coming out in Sept.
but BF's usual release date is mid to late Oct. Cod's has usually been right around Nov 11 .... Oh. New CoD title is Oct 12 release date. Uh-huh - pulling the Samsung undercut - when they released the Note 7 a month before that year's latest iPhone #.

Either way, we get a BF V beta next Thurs, Sept 6, that is said to incorporate the new changes detailed in my upper post's link.
I think that is the reason. They should have made Bad Company 3 or even a BF2142 sequel instead of releasing another WW1/2 era game so soon.
BC3 would probably just be another hum drum re-skin, but a 2142 revamp w/ frostbite would be epic.
Um ... Spearhead updated, yah thats gonna happen.

So I tried the beta at 3am CT and found nothing but servers in Airborne mode on that stupid alpha map - Narvik. 30 fps in menu at Med low graphics - gtx 680 with 4gb vram - air cooled. Set graphics level to Min - got 50 fps in menu. Didn't bother getting into queue coz all populated servers were close to 10 in queue, refreshed even.

So I'll try again tomorrow in mid-day sun with all the othrr mad dogs and see what's what.
I'm hoping my lot don't go for BFV if I'm to be honest. I have moved to Linux full time and as BFV isn't on Steam I can't readily play it. If it's on Steam then Windows games now run on Linux but Origin? not so much...
Daughter picked up BF5 for my birthday and I picked up a BF1 key from one of those CD key places (deluxe for $15 US) BF1 runs like butter at 4K everything maxed out. The BFV demo gets lots of shuddering but I only played about 4-5 minutes on my lunch break. Need to tweak a bit. I did find it funny to be outfitted on the American side with a STG44????? Hell the Germans didn't even have that many LOL. Will give it some time this evening to see if I can get the settings down
good luck wit dat! that and the cartoon book colors and lack of 3d perception like BF1's - and you know this buggy baby is full of undeveloped crap, not to mention the incredibly yawn-inducing bleedouts, the COD5 footsteps echo chamber, the low clip counts, the lack of bullet drop, 2 seat tanks, and I don't even know about the planes. BF1 is a real game that accomodates the players as partners in the tanks and vehicles, apart from the 1 rider horse, the small 1 man tank, and the 1 man artillery trucks.
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