Automatic adjustments to server rotation based on player count


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Oct 29, 2003
Would there be any interrest in a mod that does this? I am about 90% done making one for my own servers.

Its rough when you have 5 players online and they rotate into mp_foy and there is no admin around to rotate it on to the next (hopefully smaller) map. Also, it is unlikely that people will join a server on Foy with only 5 people...

On the other hand, 5 players on Carentan in DM or TDM, players will join.

Anyhow, I should have it complete in a week or so. Might integrate it into PAM UO if the public wants it, or I may just make it it's own generic mod. The script can be easily integrated into any mod really, as long as you have some scripting experience.



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Jun 28, 2004
Yes with out a doubt we'd be interested in that. That was one of the best features of CoDaM *mourn*
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