Auto kick/ban player


Dec 17, 2007
Ottawa, CA
You will have to go into your config file and see what the settings are. Not sure what you want to set it up to kick or ban a player for but if it's language or anything like that you can go into your punkbuster (pb) files and change or add things there to do that. Another option is to check out MorkEye here:

If you want to kick or temp ban people yourself in game you can type the following
in console..:

/rcon kick [player] - temp bans for whatever the setting is set at in your config..

/rcon status - get the players status # (0,1,2,3..etc)
/rcon clientkick [number] - kicks the player from the server WITHOUT temp banning them..

Also, lots more COD4 stuff here if you need:
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