2nd Annual Tribute to the Troops!!

Apr 30, 2008

DrunkenMasters Tribute to the Troops WAN Party

Announcing our 2nd annual BF2 FragFest WAN party!!

What it is:

A Battlefield 2 tournament for player’s world wide!

When is it?

August 31, 2008

What it’s about:

A frag fest to show our support and appreciation to the troops stationed overseas fighting for our freedom. All proceeds go to the U.S.O. clubs.

Who it’s open to:

Players of all skills all over the world.

What the prizes are:

There will be MANY great prizes to be won, as well as a CUSTOM BUILT GAMING COMPUTER AS THE GRAND PRIZE!!

Entry Fee = $24.00 U.S. Dollars

The event will be hosted on the DrunkenMasters Battlefield 2 servers. We will be running vanilla BF2 in conquest mode. Winners will be determined by overall combined points during the event. The event will run for a determined amount of time (hours). Servers are located in Chicago, IL. Please visit the following links for more information about the event, registration information, and to try our Chicago servers and test your connection. Please feel free to ask questions or post comments on our website in regards to the event.



Please join us to show support for our service men and women who are giving their freedom so that we can maintain ours! Freedom is not free, but its worth fighting for!!

Thank You,

The DrunkenMasters Clan
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