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Jul 8, 2010

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We've recently changed the gametype from Zombie Mod to De Dust 2 24/7, the reason for this was that we've had some issues with the current Zombie Mod version as it was in Beta Mode still. We also had some issues with FastDL ecetera which we couldn't fix.

So, now we're a 24/7 Dust2 server. Invite your friends, be dedicated and be active and you might recieve a position in the Staff. We do not accept any applications at all, you will be picked if we want you in the Staff.

We will also be holding events in the Counter Strike: Source server which could give you different type of prizes. We will have more information regarding events in the future, bare with me whilst I'm trying to get the server active.

  • Rules
    • Don't camp unless you're a Counter Terrorist (Their object is to defend)
    • Don't use any type of hacks, Zero Tolerance for hackers
    • Don't use any illegal scripts, (I.E: Bunnyhop script).
    • Don't spam any music in the Microphone
    • Speak English in the chat/microphone
    • Follow the original Community Rules (I.E: No disrespecting)

  • Mapcycle
    • De_Dust_2

  • Plugins
    • Mani Admin Plugin
Mr Osborn
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