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Aug 28, 2010
Hello there!
I'm the owner of the Frag-Em Community, I'm also the clan leader. We've recently bought three servers and two of them are Counter Strike: Source servers. Now there's problems with creating a whole new community and that problem is to gain players, we here at the Frag-Em Community hope that we will archieve enough players to keep the Gaming Community up and make everyone happy.

Server Details
IP/Port: [Frag'Em Zombie World]

Looking for Administrators
We are currently looking for active administrators, if you are interested of becoming one then please add me on MSN (mickaelselinder@hotmail.com) and we can speak about it. If you don't manage to become an administrator that way, there is option 2 which is donating.

There is a few things you need to think about before you can become an administrator, and those are:

  • You need to be active
  • You need to be able to speak English
  • You need to be dedicated to your work
  • You can't abuse your priviliges you get
  • Put effort to your job
Game Servers
Frag-Em Gaming Community owns three game servers. It's two of them that are Counter Strike: Source and one of them are Quake 3 - Urban Terror. We will buy more when we recieve donations and players.

So please, pay us a visit! http://www.fe-gaming.net
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