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  1. Frag

    Insurgency: Sandstorm Development Update

    Hi all, I'm happy to be able to share with you a post written by New World Interactive on what to expect for future updates, and what the team are currently working on. Hi everyone my name is Jon Higgins, and I am the Marketing and Communications Director here at New World Interactive. It’s...
  2. Frag

    Insurgency sandstorm delayed

    Don't see this too often. Too many times the deadline put out is the be all and end all despite glaring issues with a game. I'm happy to see them staying with it as a beta until most of the major issues are dealt with. This may or may not be in light of BFV developers doing the same thing and...
  3. Frag

    Call of Duty Black OPS IIII - PC open Beta

    I installed it without preordering it but I couldn't get it to load on my PC. I don't think I meet the minimum though as I only have a dual core running.
  4. Frag


    I'm thinking RD hasn't gotten around to making that part of things usable yet. He's still working on things in the background as he has the time available. Would be nice to see again though as I also used to use tapatalk on this and other sites.
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    Battlefield V 7min gameplay video

    Agreed with you on the cost of things for AAA games. It's typically over a $100 per game plus extra content now and from one game to the next it seems they still have the same problems they have had repeatedly as far as using the good things about the last game and keeping them the same on the...
  6. Frag

    May loc nuoc Aosmith co tot khong?

    You will have to go into your config file and see what the settings are. Not sure what you want to set it up to kick or ban a player for but if it's language or anything like that you can go into your punkbuster (pb) files and change or add things there to do that. Another option is to check...
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    John Peter Bain (TotalBiscuit) passes

    I didn't know about his battle until this news came out. So sorry to hear as I always loved his commentary as well. Cheers mate!
  8. Frag

    Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer

    Looking good so far. I know people are going to make comparisons of the wall or sandbag building with Fortnite but I think it adds another level of depth to the game. I agree with JF that the weather effects were a bit much in some parts but it is nice to see they are changing many things and...
  9. Frag

    [E3 2018] Insurgency: Sandstorm – E3 Gameplay Trailer

    Looks good Pendragon. I will be picking this up for sure.
  10. Frag

    Welcome to the updated forums

    Looking good RudeDog! Glad to see this site still keeping it current and running strong.
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    Hell Let Loose: Preorder Link

    This was taken from their Facebook page this morning. Looks like you can preorder the game again for a limited time until the end of the month. We have been so overwhelmed with people wanting to support Hell Let Loose, we are offering one more chance. Open till the end of the month, so don't...
  12. Frag

    Hell Let Loose - Jan. Update

    Hell Let Loose January Update It's been 3 months since the conclusion of our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and we’re excited to report that development is at full speed across every department in an effort to bring to life the full vision we described in our campaign. Below you'll find...
  13. Frag

    PB Guid

    Does anyone know of a way to find out your pb guid for BC2 since we don't have access to the console in game?
  14. Frag

    Risen Phoenix recruiting

    The Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix is looking to recruit members for all of our divisions. These include our Battlefield Division which will include BF1943 and BFBC2 upon their release; our Steam Division which includes TF2 and L4D and L4D2; our newly formed Section 8 Division which we will...
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    Left 4 Dead Updates

    Updates to Left 4 Dead have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: Left 4 Dead Fixed a crash related to a Crash Course achievement Fixed an issue were bots and computer controlled special infected were being...
  16. Frag

    Happy Birthday RudeDog!

    Happy Birthday RD!! Hope you have a good one man! :salute: :D
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    World at War Map Pack 1 coming March 19th

    Yes that's right...JD over at Treyarch has spilled the beans on the release date for the new map pack..of course us PC folk will have to wait until a later date as the March 19th date is only for the console kiddies. In the interview JD talks exclusively about the new Nazi Zombie map...
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    Parental Control System (PCS)

    Admin Request Networks is proud to announce our newest flagship the Parental Control System, also known as PCS, It has reached the (private) beta stage! We are still fixing some minor issues and adding some improvements to the core system. The PCS (Parental Control System) will eventually be...
  19. Frag

    Cheat Police back in action...

    Mapmstr of the Cheat Police asked me to post this in the news section: To All Gamers- My name is Rick Aldorisio, better known as Mapmstr. I'm the new Chief of Police for CP as of December 20th, 2007. Recently, The Cheat Police shut down due to lack of manpower and activity. Shortly after...
  20. Frag

    Cheat Police Closed

    This is taken from A Final Farewell to All On January 1st 2003 ComplexRetribution along with some friends started a...
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