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  1. romeozor

    Monday Night Combat rcon

    Is anyone aware of a software that could query/manage Monday Night Combat servers? A week ago I read something about an unofficial rcon tool, but then I had no server to worry about and now I can't find any trace of it. It's possible I was just dreaming about it. The forums I frequent are...
  2. romeozor

    Steam for Mac live, Linux is next

    Steam officially went live on the Mac and according to Telegraph it will also land on Linux as well in the coming months (valve time?) Source: Related: Linux Steam Client release soon ?
  3. romeozor

    The grenade spam routine

    You probably remember the old MW2 "Fight Against Grenade Spam" clip. Now feast your eyes on the BFBC2 version: Friends Really Against Grenade Spam QMZvqcZ1f0k You can compare the two Td352xP-NZ8 I'm not familiar with baseball, did they at least pick big rivals?
  4. romeozor

    bashing some MW2

    during the game you can hear the boys poking MW2 Spec-ops & Heartbeat sens. 81W4SHZF1ls Snowmobiles cTZE3XKo-GY
  5. romeozor

    CoD4 Prestige

    On todays's GameHead video, Grant Collier talked about Prestige mode in CoD4 After reaching lvl 65 the player can unlock Prestige mode, which throws him back to the first level, but he'll gain a rank icon. this can be reached 10 times, all with different icons. this is for...
  6. romeozor

    client fps and server

    greetingz, i would like to ask if there's a relation between the clients fps and the server's load. well ok this doesnt sound right so a more understandable form would be: lets say there's a box running 10 cod2 servers, on one if the servers there's a guy with a beast rig which gets him 500...
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