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  1. GaSplat

    Battalion 1944

    No idea what the rented or private server offering will be, but wanted to drop by and say I just tried Battalion 1944 and it was a lot of fun. Reminded me of old school CoD and MoH. Hope it takes off. Also, nice job keep the site up to date and running Rudedog. You da man!
  2. GaSplat

    Verdun - early impressions

    I checked out the indie WWI game called verdum. Lots of Bolt action goodness. Snipers are not overwhelming and the one MG is a support weapon instead of a spray and pray weapon. Limited grenades. A lot of old fashioned goodness. Especially in the light infantry squads. It is Beta so a few...
  3. GaSplat

    Fallout 3

    If anybody is still waiting on a CD key or downloading CodWW ;), maybe they can share their experience with Fallout 3. Since its SP only, I posted this in the off topic area. The game trailers on Steam look good. Wondering if it is worth buying. I never played the prior versions so I don't care...
  4. GaSplat


    great game coming soon! but bugs and glitches galore EA cranking spam
  5. GaSplat

    Steam hosting 5 new free Source mods

    Gotta love Valve and Steam! Steam will now be hosting five new mods (yup, automatic updates). These guys know how to support a community! :salute: Source
  6. GaSplat


    I figured a thread on server patches would be pretty useful. Since pgpdude made such a great post, I thought I would start there. Please keep this to server patches for fixing cheats and crashes, not mods for different game play styles.
  7. GaSplat

    Metacritic and EA

    Very interesting article about Metacritic and its influence on the industry - especially EA. I particularly enjoyed the mea culpa on the part of John Riccitiello, head of Electronic Arts. Source
  8. GaSplat

    3d Wii

    This is a pretty cool trick done for the Wii. It gives you a 3d like experience (for one person). You have to wear glasses - but not the goofy red and blue ones. :)
  9. GaSplat

    Getting kicked for non-stock skins - but none installed!

    I was on the xFNEx Spearhead server the other night and kept getting warned to switch to stock skins. Hey no problem, except that's all I have. I don't have any skins that don't come with the game, and I have not applied any patches except the official patches. Eventually it gets tired of...
  10. GaSplat

    Is there such a thing as a stable TOW server?

    I have seen plenty of postings with the same "oversize infostring" error as I get - shutting down the TOW servers. No other mod has that issue. Other than the possibility of corrupt pk3s, I have not seen any suggestions on what to do or how to fix it. Does anyone have stable, reliable, 24/7...
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