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    are there any Call of Duty classic or United Offensive expansion pack clans, teams, leagues etc. around still? if so please let me know I'm planning on starting a FaceBook page and possibly a fresh XFire community and getting the communication going between outposts of humanity ingame also I...
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    CoD UO and Classical servers for hire soon

    I'm going to have a lot of spare capacity so if anybody (clans, groups of buddies or fans etc.) have a paypal and want customizable (within reason) server for Call Of Duty United Offensive v1.51b with PunkBuster let me know <> xfires - whr4usa, hersh
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    new COD:UOep1.51b (AND COD 'classic' 1.5b) servers coming soon!!

    like the title says they're coming I'm a 20-year-old IT student studying virtualization (amongst other things) whom grew up pn the original cod franchise & still believes 't's 1 of the best fps ever!! I used to host from home for my clan but by the time I "got it down" we'd moved on to newer...
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