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    vars.killCam false BUT Killcam Still On

    I've got a server with the kill cam setting as: vars.killCam false However, on some rounds it works, and other rounds the kill cam shows your killer again on screen. Doesn't make sense, has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to make it work, and stick to false?
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    HUD On, but CrossHair OFF

    Anyone ever get this to work? vars.hud true vars.crossHair false I want to keep the HUD on the lower right, but just get rid of the darn cross hair. It doesnt go away. All it does it either get rid of hud and crosshair, or both stay there.
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    General MOHAA Server CFG questions

    I have a dedicated machine running TCAdmin for MOHAA. I have some general questions on this server as its using configs from a previous admin. It launches from a command line setup like so: +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 12203 +set sv_maxclients 24 +exec server.cfg...
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    Members server control

    OK, noob question as this is my first BF server Ive rented. What if I want some of my members to have control to boot players or go to next map/choose map? but I dont want them to be able to change any of the server settings? I thought there would be a way to enter it via chat? Or do they...
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