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  1. rudedog

    Hell Let Loose: Update 1 Utah Beach and light tanks

    Hell Let Loose has released their Utah Beach map We’re excited to introduce our first ever Update! U1 contains the all-new Utah Beach map, light tanks, resource nodes and many more smaller changes and fixes. To celebrate this, we're offering a 15% discount! Each Update will mix totally new...
  2. rudedog

    How PUBG counters cheaters

    A very interesting look behind at how PUBG developers counter cheaters. Not only do they counter cheaters on their platform, they pass along information to other devs to help protect their games.
  3. rudedog

    Hell Let Loose - Early Access is here

    Hell Let Loose has entered early access and you can purchase it now via Steam for $29.99 US We’re Now in Early Access! We began Hell Let Loose as a tiny hobby project on the Unreal Engine forums back in late 2014, when World War Two games were very much in drought. We wanted to create a game...
  4. rudedog

    Battlefield V Chapter 4 - Defying odds trailer

    I like Mercury, but come one Dice release more maps quicker
  5. rudedog

    Battlefield V Chapter 4 - Defying odds trailer

    EA/Dice posted a new video this afternoon regarding new maps over the summer Look closley and you may notice they are reusing the subway map from Battlefield 4. I wonder if they changed anything if at all?
  6. rudedog

    In honor of the fallen, have a safe Memorial Day

  7. rudedog

    Battlefield V : Rental servers later this year

    And then they wonder why the game is not doing well.
  8. rudedog

    Battlefield V : Rental servers later this year

    Via the official Batltefield forums, Braddock512 has posted the following regarding rental servers for BF:V Yes, take this as your confirmation that RSP is coming to Battlefield V and work is already underway. The title of this Broadcast is “The Evolution of RSP” and that’s an important factor...
  9. rudedog

    Hell Let Loose 2nd Beta this weekend

    Received the following email from Hell Let Loose Our second last Beta weekend will kick off on Friday and we’ve put together the following information to let you know the latest from the dev front (you can still get access to this Beta and the final upcoming Beta by pre-ordering the game...
  10. rudedog

    Beginners guide to Linux gaming

    Linus Tech Tips has a great video about getting started, gaming with Linux and Steam
  11. rudedog

    EA lays off 350

    PCgamer is reporting that Electronic Arts is laying off 350 people across their marketing, publishing and ops team Wilson said that the publisher was taking "important steps as a company to address our challenges and prepare for the opportunities ahead." Unfortunately, those changes will...
  12. rudedog

    Latest Windows 10 update borks some games

    Seems Microsoft's Windows 10 KB4482887 update causes issues with some graphics and mouse performance in some games. Under known issues in this update (at bottom) Symptoms After installing KB4482887, users may notice graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing...
  13. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

    I'm fighting removing it as well. I really want a modern engine running a WWII themed game. I double wish we didnt have to rank up, had community created maps, community owned servers that can police their own servers...
  14. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

    maps and how about hard core mode....
  15. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

  16. rudedog

    EA blames Marketing and development delays for Low Batthelfield V sales

    Say it ain't so EA. Spotted this little bueaty over at [H] "You should expect that we will be more innovative and more creative around both marketing campaigns and how we bring games to market and more diligent in our operation against execution of the project plans around development of...
  17. rudedog

    How bad is cheating in Battelfield V?

    I've been playing FPS type games for longer than I can remember. I'm not known for calling people out as cheaters but over the past year playing both BF1 and BF5 I can't help but say cheating is BAD in both 1 and V Rogue-9 via his youtube channel has some amazing proof and it seems Dice/EA...
  18. rudedog

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and or what ever holiday you celebrate this time of year. Stay safe and have fun playing those old and new FPS games.
  19. rudedog

    Battlefield V: Tides of War Chapter 1 Overture

    * seems EA is now holding off on the update. I complained via twitter of the slow Origin update yesterday evening to come into my office and greeted with a BF:V message saying they found an issue and are holding off on releasing. EA is letting everyone know that Dec 4th they will be rolling...
  20. rudedog

    Latest Hell Let Loose trailer

    Calling it their update 8 the Hell let Loose team let us know that a lot of work has gone into the game over the past several months. Check out our brand new gameplay trailer. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but we hope this gives you some idea of the progress we’ve made over the last four...
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