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  1. Mr.Ray

    More BF4 Information Released

    Out-of-box VOIP for PC. - Spectator mode with free-cam officially confirmed. Free-cam will have 5 cameras that you can place anywhere on the map. - Spawn screens below. Option to remove all HUD and have a clean screen should you choose to record. - 'Sprint Swim' and the ability to fire sidearm...
  2. Mr.Ray

    EA Employee Chastises Company Over SimCity in Public Letter

    EA Employee Chastises Company Over SimCity in Public Letter The poster, claiming to be an artist at EARS, said the only proof he could provide was the fact that all employees received an email from EA Executive Vice President and Chief Talent Officer, Gabrielle Toledano, today about...
  3. Mr.Ray

    Can you imagine?

    Can you imagine the maps that the talent people that work at Treyarch could do if they were making their game with the FrostByte engine!!
  4. Mr.Ray

    Buying not Buying Poll

    Just a quick poll to get an idea of the support for the game since we are now less than a week from release.
  5. Mr.Ray

    An RCON for MOHW now available This is new and lacking in some things as of yet but it does appear to give server admins the basics that are in high demand at this time. The listed features at this time are as follows; Online Players -> Kill, Kick, Ban, Edit Server Settings, Reserved slots -> Delete...
  6. Mr.Ray

    BattleField 3 Command Center

    Over at Mappers United we use BattleField 3 Command Center (BF3CC). It is very easy to use. Nice user interface and most importantly it does not mess with the master server config. I have tried two other programs and did not like them for various reasons. My admins worked with bf3cc all this...
  7. Mr.Ray

    Happy Birthday RudeDog

    Happy Birthday!!! Celebrate the hell out of it!!! :D
  8. Mr.Ray

    PCDev Update on BO Tools

    From PC DEV Twitter I get a lot of questions about mod tools. They are in development. I will post something more specific as soon as I can. @codblackops #pc 8 minutes ago via web
  9. Mr.Ray

    Any firm release date yet?

    I only ask because I have my own reasons to be excited about this game. Lots of speculation about the release date but it would be nice to have TripWire actually say "We are releasing the game on _____ ______ ________!" Now, if the release date has been announced and I have missed it then...
  10. Mr.Ray

    [RELEASE] mp_stronghold

    mp_stronghold Map Title: mp_stronghold Version: Final v3 Author: MrRay Map Size / Players: Medium/large - 16/32 Date: August 23, 2010 Download Link(s): Screenshots: Gametypes: All gametypes supported...
  11. Mr.Ray

    [WIP] mp_stronghold

    Gunslinger asked for some screenshots of my new map so here are some screenshots. The map is pretty much finished as far as layout goes so that just leaves the FX and other scripting.
  12. Mr.Ray

    38 IW employees file law suit against Activision.

    38 Infinity Ward Employees File Lawsuit Against Activision Over Royalties, Alleges Devs Held "Hostage" UPDATE 2:53 PM: Activision has issued a brief response to the lawsuit: "Activision believes the action is...
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