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  1. Pendragon

    Battlefield V : Rental servers later this year

    At this point, these AAA games are console games we can play on PC. I'm not sure at this point if we can even call them "console ports" they have gone beyond that definition. When a console port just meant a downgrade in graphics or some dodgy controls it was understandable. There were still PC...
  2. Pendragon

    Beginners guide to Linux gaming

    As a long time, Linux user, I can say parity with Windows is really close you can almost taste it. As mentioned in the video there are still a few hurdles to overcome. Primary anti-cheat, but also a few qualities of life features. The biggest issue affecting adoption is the age-old desktop Linux...
  3. Pendragon

    Google Stadia

    Yea there is a big hmmm... to this. There is so much up in the air with this. It will take over the world or do a google Plus and be canceled in a few years.
  4. Pendragon

    Google Stadia

    Google finally showed off its Stadia video gaming platform at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. While there is no pricing or date set for the streaming platform’s launch, the company says it will be coming in 2019. Players will be able to quickly load games on smartphones, tablets, desktop...
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    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

    This is as close as you can get right now. If you are after a more old school WWII game then Day of Infamy has some good gameplay but it's now a little old.
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    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

    I spat the dummy right out of the pram last weekend. I have uninstalled the game. The cheaters were out in force with people with 100/0 kdr within in 5 minutes of the round starting. Two or three players having a great old time at the expense of everyone on the server. It's not just me but all...
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    Insurgency: Sandstorm - First Content Update

    It includes the massive addition of a new ‘arcade’ playlist with rotating game modes, alongside five new weapons, a new firing range for practising your aim, performance improvements, and a wealth of smaller changes, additions, tweaks, and bug fixes...
  8. Pendragon

    EA blames Marketing and development delays for Low Batthelfield V sales

    As far as I know, the 10 hours can only be done the once. I'm not sure if I got a good price on the game because I had Access basic or it was just a limited time offer. I have no idea how much the game costs now on Origin. The basic Origin Access I think is good value, there are a heap of good...
  9. Pendragon

    EA blames Marketing and development delays for Low Batthelfield V sales

    I held off buying the game for a bit. One of my clan mates bought the game at full price and got me 10 hours of game time. I only play around 2 hours a week and once my 10 hours were up the price had dropped to £32.99 a much more appropriate price for the game. I have also stupped up for Origin...
  10. Pendragon

    EA blames Marketing and development delays for Low Batthelfield V sales

    Reporting back on Apex, it's a really polished game that has clearly been made to appeal to kids. As such me and my lot are not going to be playing it. My personal favourite at the moment is Insurgency Sandstorm, that or Rainbow6 Siege. It's hard right now to recommend anything. Rainbow6 has...
  11. Pendragon

    EA blames Marketing and development delays for Low Batthelfield V sales

    Going just from the headline, them blaming the marketing. How about the fact that Battlefield One was a bit crap! BF played left the game early and found other things to play. Including the older versions of Battlefield.
  12. Pendragon

    How bad is cheating in Battelfield V?

    My lot are getting pissed off with BFV just as they did with BFOnelast time. At least this one didn't cost as much. Sunday night is clan night when we all get together. I think we are going to be looking at Apex Legends to see if it's any good. At least it is free.
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    Insurgency: Sandstorm - Accolades Trailer

  14. Pendragon

    Battlefield 5 Banned for using this

  15. Pendragon

    Insurgency: Sandstorm - Gameplay Overview trailer

    I agree it has its issues but these guys understand how to make an enjoyable shooter. I think the maps are a little big for the gameplay style but they have hit the nail on the head when it comes to a hardcore tactical shooter. It makes a world of difference playing on a random public server vs...
  16. Pendragon

    video display help?

    It's a very old game designed for 3:4 aspect ration with no native widescreen support. There are ways of filling the screen without the bars but the image is stretched and looks a bit odd. To be honest it's better with the bars. Check out PC games Wiki to help...
  17. Pendragon

    Insurgency: Sandstorm - Gameplay Overview trailer The Insurgency Legacy Continues December 6, 2018 This upcoming Wednesday marks a special day for our team and Insurgency fans. We finally unveil to you the culmination of years of hard work and passion our team has put into not...
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    Latest Hell Let Loose trailer

    Looks interesting...
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