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    Latest Windows 10 update borks some games

    And here I completely wiped and reinstalled my machine-- only to still have the issue. SMH.
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    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

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    Insurgency: Sandstorm - First Content Update

    Well, there goes any chance I had at having a productive day. IS has become my go-to game.
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    Insurgency: Sandstorm - Gameplay Overview trailer

    The game is not perfect but I have not enjoyed a game this much since early Counter Strike!
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    Time out settings

    According to the documentation, this command is used to kick idle players: vars.idleTimeout. Question is, what is the variable? Mins, Secs, true, false? Anyone know?
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    Private slots - Password?

    I am playing with several tools for my COD4 server. In AON I set my private slot and private slot password. Obviously when I restart my server this goes away so I wanted to add it to my server.cfg. I know that this is how to set the slot: set sv_privateclients "1" But what is the setting to...
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    spec'ing suspected cheaters

    Hey all, new admin here. From time to time people accuse others of walling, glitching, etc etc. How do I spec players? When I go into spec mode I am locked on just one section of the map and cannot rotate through the players. Is this possible? Thanks 1,000,000!
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