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  1. rudedog

    Latest Windows 10 update borks some games

    Seems Microsoft's Windows 10 KB4482887 update causes issues with some graphics and mouse performance in some games. Under known issues in this update (at bottom) Symptoms After installing KB4482887, users may notice graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing...
  2. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

    I'm fighting removing it as well. I really want a modern engine running a WWII themed game. I double wish we didnt have to rank up, had community created maps, community owned servers that can police their own servers...
  3. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

    maps and how about hard core mode....
  4. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Battle Royal leaked tutorial

  5. rudedog

    EA blames Marketing and development delays for Low Batthelfield V sales

    Say it ain't so EA. Spotted this little bueaty over at [H] "You should expect that we will be more innovative and more creative around both marketing campaigns and how we bring games to market and more diligent in our operation against execution of the project plans around development of...
  6. rudedog

    How bad is cheating in Battelfield V?

    I've been playing FPS type games for longer than I can remember. I'm not known for calling people out as cheaters but over the past year playing both BF1 and BF5 I can't help but say cheating is BAD in both 1 and V Rogue-9 via his youtube channel has some amazing proof and it seems Dice/EA...
  7. rudedog

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and or what ever holiday you celebrate this time of year. Stay safe and have fun playing those old and new FPS games.
  8. rudedog

    Battlefield V: Tides of War Chapter 1 Overture

    * seems EA is now holding off on the update. I complained via twitter of the slow Origin update yesterday evening to come into my office and greeted with a BF:V message saying they found an issue and are holding off on releasing. EA is letting everyone know that Dec 4th they will be rolling...
  9. rudedog

    Latest Hell Let Loose trailer

    Calling it their update 8 the Hell let Loose team let us know that a lot of work has gone into the game over the past several months. Check out our brand new gameplay trailer. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but we hope this gives you some idea of the progress we’ve made over the last four...
  10. rudedog

    Steam Autumn Sale ends today at 10am Pacific

    Head on over to Steam's Autumn sale which does not last long and ends in a few hours
  11. rudedog

    Battlefiled V Official Launch Maps

    Pen, that is the way I felt about BF1 and after a while (purchased a key from one of those CD key places at a steep discount) enjoyed it however could never get a handle on how you upgrade (earn) better weapons. My biggest gripe no hardcore and community servers. Also why can't you scroll...
  12. rudedog

    Battlefiled V Official Launch Maps

    This game looks amazing and plays well but I run a very high end machine at 4K. My only complaint is you cant scroll through all your weapons using the mouse wheel and at the current time there are no non-Dice servers thus there are no Hardcore servers setup.
  13. rudedog

    Battlefiled V Official Launch Maps

  14. rudedog

    Minimum system requirements for Battlefield V

    Dice releases the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Battlefield V - Source: Reddit
  15. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Delayed

    Daughter picked up BF5 for my birthday and I picked up a BF1 key from one of those CD key places (deluxe for $15 US) BF1 runs like butter at 4K everything maxed out. The BFV demo gets lots of shuddering but I only played about 4-5 minutes on my lunch break. Need to tweak a bit. I did find it...
  16. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Delayed

    Others are saying it could be they don't want to compete with CoD or any of the other highly anticipated games coming out in Sept.
  17. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Delayed

    While they are stating gameplay, I wonder if the raytracing feature is giving them issues?
  18. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 gamplay RTX effects enabled

  19. rudedog

    Call of Duty BlackOps 4 PC trailer

    Seems they are trying to get the PC players back - All footage captures on PC - Optimized for the PC - Ultra Wide and Multi Monitor support - Designed for Keyboard and Mouse - 4K and uncapped frame rate - PC beta Sept 15th
  20. rudedog

    Battlefield 5 Trailer

    Official Trailer Devastation of Rotterdam I must say this is looking good, please EA don't mess this up.
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