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    RCONNET vs Procon

    Hello, FMC has had a BF4 server for a year now and up till now we have just admin the server thru our game server host admin daemon. That has been sufficient till recently. Our server has been more populated and we need another option to remotely and automatically admin our server when no admin...
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    Server Team Balance Issues

    Having team balance on in the server config file just doesn't seem to do enuf. Our clan has just purchased a BF4 game server and seem to be having team balancing problems. Teams can get as lopsided as 6 vs 3 or 4 vs 1 and we don't see our server making any corrections for this. I know a lot of...
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    BO2 in a Lan Setting?

    Is it possible to play BO2 in a Lan setting? Obviously you can start a "server" and invite friends to it, online. But could you do the same in a Lan setting??
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    Game Frames Per Second

    I`ve got my FPS turned on ingame and seems like the game is topped off at 50 fps. Any way to open the game up alittle so I can get more FPS?
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    Know any professional clan website developers?

    Anyone know of any clan website developers out there? I knew of one once, but they seem to have vanished from the web. Thanks
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    =[WE]= Wants You - For COD2

    Warriors Elite Clan Could Be Looking for You….. Are you looking for a COD2 clan, if so don’t look any farther. Hi I am YoMoma, a Recruiter for Warriors Elite and we are looking for a few mature special recruits. Looking to field several key posts. Here are some, Military Police, Clan...
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    New COD 2 clan looking for members

    Greetings, I`m YoMoma, an admin for |3G| Gaming Clan. And would like to take a little time to introduce you to our COD2 clan. We are a new North American clan. Our clan is dedicated to fun and fair game play, but also competitive game play as well. We now have a new website up...
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    Any way to get rid of errors in the qconsole log files. My program works, but the errors make for large log files. The error I get is " Script Error: cannot give health to dead entities" Anyone know how to fix this error?
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    Single player wont run with disk

    For some reason, when I put disk 1 into my cd rom, and proceed to play single player, it tells me to put the correct cd into the drive. When I put disk 2 into the drive, it tells you you need disk 1 in drive to play single player. Why does this happen. I have the 1.4 patch in. I never tried...
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    Starting a dedicated server

    I want to run my computer as a dedicated server to host a couple of friends. Once my server is up, how do I leave it if I want to relax for a while. I tried this to look for my server on ASE, but couldnt leave it without shutting down the server I started. Also, how do I select my map rotation...
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