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    Game performance?

    Title is in the form of a question because I am curious to know how its running for others. It seems to run fairly well for me but I would like to see a few more frames per second as I feel it might be a bit smoother. Currently I seem to average high 50's to low 60's. Maybe there is some...
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    New Homefront MP Trailer

    Not bad looking at all. Too bad its delayed till next year. 705466
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    BASH 165: The Red Phone

    Last night Jock and the crew did a rare live bash. They called up JD_2020 and had a nice long chat with him regarding Black Ops. Props to JD for stepping into the meat grinder, though he was probably thankful that Rudedog wasn't there. :D Click here to listen to Bash 165
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    Bad Copy 2

    Pretty funny stuff. I love the game, but this vid still gets props from me for being a good lighthearted look at BFBC2. 1trQ5NWDmr4
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    MAC and Shaving

    This single simple image created quite the interesting debate on the site where I found it. I am sure we can have fun with it here too since we have a cross section of linux, mac, and windows users. Yeah, the image is focused on MAC, but everyone has an equal opportunity to represent their OS...
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    EA's BFBC2 Rules of Conduct for Players and Ranked Server Admins

    QUESTION What are the Rules of Conduct for Battlefield: Bad Company 2? spacer ANSWER Online Conduct Players are expected to abide by the EA Online Terms and Conditions while playing on ranked Battlefield servers. You agreed to the EA Online Terms and Conditions when you established your EA...
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    MOH beta patch

    It appears DICE is already working on a patch for the beta. Via Matt Pruit's twitter. SOURCE
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    BFBC2 Squad Deathmatch Walkthrough

    I believe this vid showcases a new map as well. The voice over is done by EA DICE's senior producer Patrick Bach. 60100 Sorry about the age verification thing, not sure how to get around it. SOURCE-Gametrailers
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Panama Canal Map Revealed!

    Panama Canal features a tight battle with abandoned industrial buildings, vehicles, large ships, and piles of debris everywhere with billowing smoke off in the distance as the surround forest rages of fire while the surrounding city is bombarded by enemy ballistics. The map has a four-flag...
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    Medal of Honor Trailer Q&A with Greg Goodrich

    Greg Goodrich, the Executive Producer on Medal of Honor, has provided answers to community questions regarding the Medal of Honor trailer. Q: Is that all gameplay footage throughout the trailer? A: Yep, the trailer is 100% in-game footage. Q: Where is the “bearded guy” that is on...
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    To Ping Or Not To Ping.......

    After all, isn't that really the question that IW has squashed (or so they thought) by removing real ping values from the game in favor of a cell phoneesque 4 bar display? IW's intent with this system seems to be to take the players focus off this oh so important value at best, and to truly...
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    |TDR-Px| Is looking for a couple new members

    |TDR-Px| The Dark Realm Phoenix Clan is looking to add 2-3 new members. We are a small clan by design. We like a relatively small roster to keep things personal and tight knit. We are an all adult clan with the average age in the 30's. We do participate in TWL matches but we are not hardcore...
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    exe crash on ded server launch

    When I try to launch my ded beta server it does nothing then gives a crash report. I updated windows (xp pro) and tried the dll fix, nothing. Same box is running CoD:4 servers with no problems.
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    CoD:WW DEMO download and unlock info

    You can download the demo now if you are a fileplanet subscriber. You can get in the que even if you are just registered from what I have been reading. The unlock date is also tomorrow, no time has been given yet. Here is tonights post about it from JD. SOURCE
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    CoD:WW PC Demo.......waiting

    With all of us so wound up about the negative aspects of the demo release I thought this would be a nice break from the action. This is a well done and lighthearted jab at what we have all been going through. :) Its easy enough to gripe, I am guilty of that, but to spend the time to do so in a...
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