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  • sorry to bother you but i was just kicked from your guys's server for killing the admin MrOwns,i re-entered the server and was banned because i told him i was going to post on the site about it. he banned me and the reason given was hacking/cheatin witch is total lies,look at my stats on BBL i dont cheat.he was just mad at me because i killed him when he tried to knife me. any help would be appreciated with this as i know you guys try to run a fair and non-abusive admin server. thanks
    i have problem plz hellllllllllllllllllllp any good man plz
    i make lan server mohd6 (stalngrad) freeze tag and all ok but when some noob client make laser in some wall in map 6 only server crash
    plz need help for slove that send me mail plz if u know ( a0127235630@yahho.com ) say in addres hi i have ur help :) thx again
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