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    The escapist reviews Mw2..lmao!! Love this Guy!

    Enjoy the review and i would suggest not drinking anything while listening as you might spit it out when you burst into laughter.. If you have never heard this guys reviews your in for a treat.
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    Direct to Drive refusing to sell Mw2 because of Steam
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    Ars Technica article. MW2 its worse then you thought. quotable quotes from ars technica article linked above. Love this guys lines.
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    Ars Technica picks up the dedicated server story

    For those that don't know Ars Technica is a very large and very popular website that caters to techie that commands a lot of respect from people and they have an extremely large following and are respected for there well written blog style articles and reviews. heres the...
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    MW2 A Parent Says No

    This is supposed to be entertaining?**SPOILER ALERT** *** SPOILER ALERT *** Ok killing bad guys is one thing, But who thought up this single player mission for MW2 that you can play a terrorist running around an airport killing innocent unarmed civilians was going to be fun. This is some...
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    Now this is interesting, amazon live feed of game sales

    This is updated hourly. and people don't think we have had an effect on the sales of this game.. this pretty much says we have IMO.
  7. ToB|CrazyCanuck this cartoon..

    snicker snicker..
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    Base assault for codwaw!!!

    check out my post in submit news section of forums
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    I think this speaks volumes....

    I think this screen shot speaks volumes., a thread was started by someone in the pc community talking about player limits in IWnet. someone posted what they thought were the correct numbers @ 16 players. Sure enough here comes IW_Scriptacus listed as IW staff and closes the topic . But I think...
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    This issue has gone viral in the news!!

    Some interesting bits of information regarding the latest Modern Warfare 2 news. MW2 for pc has dropped 64 PLACES in there top 100 best sellers list to #73...LMFAO!! This is now front page news on...
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    Dice weighs in on iw mw2 dedi server issue

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    Online petition going viral Mw2

    The online petition linked below has gone insane!! Lets get the links out to every clan, game site, anywhere we can post. the petition is now over 15,000 signatures long. when i first checked at 7:00am this morning it was at 6,280...thats over 8,000 more in 4.5 hours. heres the link's i am...
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    Just picked up OP flashpoint.

    I guess i should have said Op flashpoint dragon Rising. Pretty decent price considering the title. It was only $39.99 at EBgames for the pc version $45.00 with taxes. . Open world design graphics look great least from the in game videos i saw. Gameplay reminds me a lot of battlefield 2 but...
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