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  • Hello Rudedog,
    would it be an idea to extend the offensive to known sites/comms ?

    I am sure if someone with known name in the community (like you) ask for support, you would get it...

    I know for example that hlsw is able to post messages on everyones display opening up the tool...
    Hey Rudedog.
    Daniel/Enforcer helped me out with making this longer well made article about what this move from IW actualy are doing for the gamer. and what makes this so bad.

    Hope you are doing well RudeDog.

    We are at least working hard to share the information about what this does with the most users out there in the world. Hopefully this article will spreed out to many more gaming sites around the world.
    Rudedog, just wanted to bring another topic up while everyone is talking about dedicated servers, has anyone confirmed Left 4 Dead 2 is going to have them? I've done a little checking around today and not seeing much of anything on it. I know alot of guys are talking about picking up this game in lew of mw2, so it may make an interesting topic if no one has verified this yet.

    I run and and really appreciate the work to aggregate the feelings of the community that you have done.

    I'm sure you're getting hammered with email so no need to reply. I signed up to get in line.
    Thankd again for the aggregate. Online petition aside. I think we're in for a delay in the ship of the PC version until they can get their shit straight.

    1st, I don't really check this section, second I've been away most of the month.
    2) more info in regards to advertising can be found here
    Hi mate im looking to advertise my hosting company on your website, is there any availiable spaces? if so what are my options and prices.

    hi there is it possible to get some advertising space on yoursite if so could you send me details and costing for the ads
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