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    Modify XP gained on CoD4 server?

    Hi all, I've had a few people ask me to put a CoD4 server online on our dedi with high XP. I said i'll look into it, but I can't find anything to achieve it! I've been on a few high XP servers which aren't running mods, but still have high XP. How can I achieve this without running a modded...
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    eXodus Gaming Recruiting Worldwide 14+ | CoD4, CoD5, TF2

    Hi Guys, eXodus Gaming is a UK based multi gaming PC clan. We are currently running on the games listed in the subject of this thread as well as TS3, but I'm looking at adding some others including CS:S, CS:GO and L4D2. I'm currently a lone soldier in need of some comrades to help me run &...
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