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    BFRC - Rcon Client for BF4

    Do you search for a rcon tool? Try mine:
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    Serverinfo entrys lost in R7 patch

    Hey there, in Rush are the defender and attacker ticket strings lost and squaddeathmatch lost its strings for the killcount on every squad.
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    BF4 rcon bugs

    - vars.miniMapSpotting is actually "ReadOnly On Ranked" but listed as "Always allowed" - vars.playerManDownTime is actually "ReadOnly On Ranked" but listed as "Always allowed" - vars.friendlyFire is actually "ReadOnly on Official" but listed as "Always allowed" - vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn is...
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    Rush and Squad Rush ticket allocation

    Hello guys, i´m totally confused since i found a bug in my YARCC app. How do you find out via serverInfo, wich team is defender or attacker and wich team is assigned for the ticket counter. I tried many constelations and i don´t getting into it :rolleyes:
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    Maps and Gamemodes for upcoming DLC´s

    Hi everybody! Are the rcon mapnames and gamemodes for Aftermath already known? It´s getting a bit confused for developers since the updated serverdocs aren´t puplished here. I hope somebody can help me
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    YARCC for BF3 - A remote admin application

    Hello I decided to make YARCC public. It´s a rcon client for BF3. Please note that this software is still in Beta phase and hope for many reports to make it better. Feel free to email me! This software is free of any virus, spy- or adware. This Software never manipulates or harms any part of...
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    Strange Rcon App crash

    Hello guys my app worked over weeks in testing phase without isues on my computer. Since 5 people using the app parallel at their homes and be connected to our BF3 server, rcon crashed. As single client the app and BF3 server worked together over weeks... Is it possible that the server cant...
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    Strange login.hashed behavior

    Hello guys! 1. First i send a packet with the command login.hashed 2. I retrieve the salt to generate the md5 hash with my serverpassword. 3. I send the login.hashed"space"md5hashedandsaltedpassword back. After that i always get "unknowncommand" as serveranswer back. I would be happy if...
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    C++ How to set the RCON packet format

    Hello guys! I tried the last days to get a packet send to our BF3 Server. The first command i tried was login.plaintext password. But it won´t work. I don´t get any response from the BF3 Server, but i´m valid connected via TCP Socket. This ist my first try to setup the packet to send commands...
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