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    Insurgency: Sandstorm server guide?

    Anyone have any? Config files? Thanks :-)
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    ArmA II CO and especially Day Z?

    How does server operation work with Day Z? This thing has become all the rage now and my clan is considering getting a server, which makes me nervous because I don't know anything about it... Where should I look? Shouldn't there be a section for that on here? Thanks
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    Gameservers = SHITTIEST GSP?

    On Friday and Saturday night, sometimes Sunday night, our voice server often breaks down and stops working. Our game server gets very laggy, to the point where if I reduce the number of players to less than the number of slots I pay for, then it gets OK again. Anyone else have such problems...
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    Starting the round with just 1-2 players?

    OK so I thought I could put these 2 things in my "startup.txt" file on the server in order to start the rounds at the first player. The idea is to practice flying until more players show up. vars.roundStartPlayerCount 1 vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 0 Problem is, doesn't work. Any ideas?
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    Best remote console for my needs?

    I want the TS3 plugin that parses TS3 channels according to teams on the game servers, as well as running my server on mixed mode without having to leave my PC on all the time. I think this requires a "hosted console" (if that is the appropriate term?) What do I need to do this? Yeah, I am a...
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    Matching TS/Vent with BFBC2 teams over split channels

    Hi, I have been dreaming about this for a long time. My current gripe is with BFBC2 but you can say the same about every other online team-based shooter out there. There should be a way to support team-split channels in TS or Ventrilo or whatever, based on the teams on the server. At least...
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