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    New SH server, rcon not working

    I am working for a GSP and we have a customer that just ordered a Spearhead server. His rcon password is entered correctly, and he says that rcon is not working in-game. He says he has 3 years experience running SH servers, so I assume he's logging into rcon correctly. Any advice on what might...
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    No vehicles? Why doesn't it work?

    I'm running a squad DM server on BC2: Vietnam. I've got "levelVars.set all vehiclesDisabled true" in my startup.txt file. BC2CC indicates that vehicles are disabled. When I join the server, the vehicle is there! Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Does it affect both regular BC2 and Vietnam?
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    Big Brother Bot now supports MOH!

    The crew at Big Brother Bot has released version 1.4.0 of their admin tool. Big Brother Bot, aka B3, has been in development for years now, supporting all of the COD games (except MW2), Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor (2010), and more! It's a python driving program, giving stability to the tool...
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    UK official decries video game with Taliban role
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    PRoCon - An excellent admin tool!

    I thought I'd add a little info about what I consider as the best tool - PRoCon: Here's the features, as of this morning. BTW - PRoCon was already compatable with R9 before R9 was released thanks to the hard work of the author: PRoCon is open source and very...
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    Missing movement sound when crouched

    I played single player for the first time today and noticed that when crouched and moving, you make noise. In multiplayer, there's no sound. Anyway to add it?
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    Question about modding stationary MG's

    I'd like to modify my stationary MG's so that when they fire, they have kick so you have to readjust your fire if you keep it sustained. Basically I want to make it so it's more effective in bursts. Anyone know how I can do this?
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    Help! Players being kicked for inactivity

    I've had a recent rash of players being kicked for inactivity from my server (including me). This happens while they are playing. I have these set in the server.cfg: set g_inactivespectate 90 set g_inactivekick 300 After they get kicked, if the bring down the console, it says they were kicked...
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    Why no Russian or Brittish MG's?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew why the allied all get the same MG, be it US, UK or Russia? Is there a mod to give the Russian and UK skins a different MG?
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    Need help generating qconsole.log

    I am trying out a program called vsp stats. It requires a qconsole.log file that includes kills. I can't seem to get the right command line and additional lines needed for the config file. I am generating a qconsole.log, but it's missing the kill information. Can anyone help me out? I'm running...
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    What are the best custom maps?

    I may switch my second server over to custom maps and I was wondering what everyone thought the best custom maps were.
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    I can't mod Holland!!!

    Ok, here's the deal. I've done a lot of modding to my server's maps. Mostly they are just spawned items. Today I decide I want to add some vehicles in Holland. I already have a 'wefer in there, so I go ahead and add some vehicles in the mp_holland_scr file. When I load it up to test it locally...
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    Confused about OBJ mode

    I just began using the mixed map/freeze tag/CTF mod on my server and I'm confused. I was playing Snowy Park, in CTF-Freeze Tag. It was just me and one other player. I won twice, and it still restarted that map. There are other maps in the rotation. At what point does the server go to the next...
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    FLOT's Berlin mod released!

    I have release my mod for Berlin for MOHAA: Spearhead: FLOT's Berlin mod - Readme file ======================= Thank you for downloading my first publicly released mod! Contact info: email: url: AIM: MOHAAFLOT MSN: GrossKopf What's different about...
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    Mac's and graphics problems

    I posted about this once and got a few replies, but now I have some more information so I wanted to try again: I've been trying to find help for a problem that a couple of my players are having, and I figured someone here might be able to help. I have one mac player using a Mac G4 and one...
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