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    True Virtual Reality - Omni

    Saw this posted over on my forums. Had to share it. Its just absolutely awesome! Don't see a way to go prone, but other than that this could revolutionize gaming as we know it. -NVG3D-
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Villain Trailer

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    CoD5 map rotation problem

    My server.cfg looks like this: set sv_maprotation "gametype ctf map mp_drum gametype ctf map mp_506th gametype twar map mp_cw_bocage gametype ctf map mp_cw_bocage gametype sd map mp_cw_brecourt gametype ctf map mp_cw_brecourt gametype sd map mp_cw_hurtgen gametype twar map mp_cw_hurtgen...
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    CoD5 ERM 2.0 - Extreme Realism Mod 2.0 - SIMPLY AMAZING

    ERM 2.0 - Extreme Realism Mod 2.0 - SIMPLY AMAZING Promo Video 1 Promo Video 2 Katana The katana is broader in scope than the recoil of the knife. Available...
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    CoD5 master server down

    Its been down for over 1 hour. Nobody from my clan as well as friends who play the game from all over the country can connect to one single server out there. I tried restarting our server as normal and it cannot authenticate. Hopefully Treyarch or Activision fix this soon. Kinda worried.
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    |DPG| 9 Year Anniversary Event

    I am very proud to announce that DPG will be turning 9 years old officially on January 23rd of 2011!!! Last year was the first year that we did not have any anniversary events. This year will not be the same. Here is some info on the event: •BattleField Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion -...
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    Querying the BlackOps master server

    Anyone know how to do this? I tried but, it just times out. Anyone actually know what the master server is for BlackOps?
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    in game rcon ban command

    I know how to use in game rcon for kicking, but I hate alt tabbing to ban some jagoff who just doesn't get it. Anyone know of the in game rcon command to ban a person? /rcon ban playername doesn't seem to work.
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    demo playback idea

    Today I found this for DoD:Source and was thinking how cool it would be for admins for the CoD series. Does anyone know if it would be even possible to make a mod or a tool to give more of these options to view a demo for the CoD series?
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    [RELEASE] Vietnam Mod 1.2

    Zeroy myself as well as 4 other of my clansmen kept getting this error that would crash CoD5 after we installed this mod. Here is a SS: We then even resorted to whiping out all of our mods and maps in which we only had this mod running, but still got the same problem. We got this error after...
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    drawenemy command

    I know that scr_drawfriend 1 works, but from what I see there is no command to turn off enemies. What I am trying to do is make it so my server shows team mates only and not enemies. I think its stupid that you can be a sniper and have full camo on and be hidden near some bushes blending in...
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    My CoD5 server keeps crashing once a day

    As of lately my CoD5 CTF server which is HC TOTAL CTF [DPG] has been crashing just about daily now for some reason. I have the unofficial patches from the Luigi site on here so people cannot type /callvote commands to crash the server even when callvoting is off or on for...
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    'Play as Taliban' angle controversial in 'Medal of Honor'

    Saw this posted over on MSN: 'Play as Taliban' angle controversial in 'Medal of Honor' Some say it's disrespectful to allow players to play as a real-life enemy By Matt Peckham updated 1 hour 21 minutes ago Share Print Font: +-ANALYSIS EA's upcoming "Medal of Honor" shooter series...
  14. DPGmaximus down?

    Anyone else having this problem? Is there master server down?
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    Please help. Problem with some settings.

    So my CoD4 HC TDM server has been doing extremely well since August. So I thought I would follow the format of that config and make one similar to for our CoD4 non hardcore S&D. Seems simple enough right? Well not exactly. The problem is I have my server config set to scr_sd_roundlimit 20, but...
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