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    Modern Warfare 3 TeamPlay movie

    Hello guys. I'm glad to tell that we are released a new team video and now it's for MW3. Hope you will like it: Thanks for watching.
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    Our movie for - Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam

    Hello all! YouTube page is here: Is the best video we have ever did. I am pretty sure you will like it and I hope you will never forget it. We did really great job. So enjoy it! If you wish to see this video with better quality and download on your PC...
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    Need to remove object icons

    Hello guys! I have a huge problem, look at this screenshot. I need to find a way to remove this A, B, C flag icons to record team video. I've been searching everywhere and still cannot find any information how to remove them. I need them to remove to record video. This icons really making...
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    RUS team video for MW2

    Hey guys! Rate it please:
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    Console commands

    Hey everyone! I found this. So the question is how to use them? When I'm pressing on the button to open console, it's opening, but nothing working except the chat buttons. How to type in console any commands?
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    MOH2010 some trouble things

    1. Combat Mission game mode should have variable to change respawns count. When we were trying to play match 4vs4, there's no way to defend, because 120 lives for 4 players that's a lot! 2. Map result table don't show up who wins the map. And what's count of rounds team has won. 3. Spectator...
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